This time was the adventure that we walked the most in the adventure that we have been and it made me feel the new and fresh. I haven’t been to Nockcheon station and also, I didn’t know there is a way to go there by walk. The road was even through the mountain. So I was like a frog that has lived only in well. I didn’t know about the around here even I have been lived in this village for more than 10 years. I couldn’t think of going somewhere out of this village. Whatever, this adventure showed me many things to me.

“The way that was so familiar to me”

We get out of the library and head to choan mountain. We walk along the big street next to Induk university. There was a high wall of Shingye elementary school and I didn’t know when it painted but, on the wall, cute and beautiful pictures are painted. We also passed a small garden that is using to a rest place for students in Wolgye middle school. We could see 각심재 which is the only traditional Korean style house in this area, next to 각심재, there is a forest over the fence. I felt strange because I walked this way that I always walk to adventure with my classmates and a teacher. Before we went up to the mountain, Brent bought us a bottle of water for each. That was only start of this adventure.

“Let’s go to Nockcheon station along 초안 mountain.”

We were huffing and puffing when we arrived at the park in the mountain. It made me tired because of the high incline. The famous video, ‘Samdasoo game’ has filmed here. We turned on the track once and found a line that looked like a boundary line between South Korea and North. That place look like a real secret military place but I haven’t been any military place. Then we walked down to the mountain along the way that I haven’t seen. Even though I came to this park so many times, I didn’t wonder of the road next to mineral spring. Maybe I have not that much curious than I thought.

“The town that I could not think”

The way down to the mountain was so novel. It’s like a place in the children’s story. There was calm and mysterious. When I arrived the town, I was more shocked. I could not believe what I see. There were many houses in a small town, so they were so closely spaced. I couldn’t see people in the town, or on the loaning. There were some briquettes. Recently, I read a book which contain the story of poor village and I could imagine the image of the book’s background by thinking of this experience.


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