Do you know what a welfare centre is?, What a welfare centre does? Or for whom it is for?

I didn’t know properly about this until I’ve been there. A welfare centre is a place where people or animals receive assistance. Here, the volunteers and the staff help people who are necessary. People who are poor, people who have problems with their family, disabled people,etc and even people with a normal life can get help from a welfare centre. These people get to learn for free except for the people with a normal life (they have to pay).


The welfare centre I went to is ‘Wolgye social welfare centre’. Our EWC class went there on the weekend when no one comes to the welfare centre so we were the only people there. One of the staff members introduced that place to us personally. First, she told us about the mission, and the vision of the Wolgye social welfare centre. I don’t know why but she emphasized about the vision. Then she let us see all the rooms. There are a lot of rooms there for different kinds of stuff. There was a piano room, a cooking room, a small jim, a room for consultation, a computer room, art room,etc. There are more other rooms but I can’t remember all. The thing they do is mostly for education. 


Like I said on top, The welfare centre does all these for free. This is possible because we(people with a normal life) pay tax. And there is support and volunteers. The tax we pay goes to the welfare centre and it goes to all the thing they need. The volunteers also help a lot. I think because there is a place like this we have less things to worry about. Image


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