This week Saturday on December 29th, our EWC class went to Hoegi. It is only 5 stations away from Wolgye(library) When we arrived  at Hoegi station, we didn’t know where to go or what to do there. This time, we went there with no plan. It was like a feeling when you are lost and you are wondering where you are except you do know where you are. 


The weather was very bad. It was snowing but snowing like rain. The worst part of this weather is that your shoes get dirty and wet and you have to walk with it. I was lucky my shoes were old and not waterproof. Because of this my mom bought me new pairs of waterproof shoes. There was nothing special at first. We were walking to a place we don’t know. It was like an adventure. But I didn’t like it because of the bad weather. I was very cold then and sick the next day. 


As we were walking, the weather got worse. So we went into a coffee shop nearby. The coffee shop was nice in the inside compared to how it looked on the outside. It was warm and quiet with comfortable music. Brent bought all of us hot chocolate. I never knew hot chocolates were that great. Maybe it was because it was made in a coffee shop. I think that was the first time I’ve been to a coffee shop. I really enjoyed the hot chocolate.


So far, this experience was the worst(?) But because theres a bad experience there is also a good experience. I think that this wasn’t just a waste of time. I’m not saying that Hoegi is a bad place. Its just that we went there with no plan and the weather didn’t help us. Image


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