Our class did an interview this time. We interviewed the people in the library. There were a lot of students studying for the test in a few days, kids here to read books, and people to take class. I think the students didn’t answer the questions very well because they were studying. I also interviewed a librarian and she told me some new things about a librarian.

I first didn’t know very much about a librarian. I thought a librarian only helped people to borrow and bring in books and sit at the desk. It didn’t look very hard to me, so I thought it easy to be one, but she told me how to be a librarian. Wow, it wasn’t as easy as I thought it was. You have to graduate university and get a license. After that you have to get educated and get other licenses too. She told me what librarians do too. Librarians have to sort out new books that come in and put numbers so people can find them easily. They have to help people that have trouble with finding books and sometimes talk to elderly and make them happy. Sometimes read little children books. There were many more things librarians did than I thought.

This interview project was quite fun. At first it I felt very nervous and I didn’t know how to talk to people so naturally, but as time went on it became a bit easier than at the beginning. I think it was a fine experience.


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