‘Welfare center’, it doesn’t sound like a fun place. That was what I thought when Brent told us that we are going to go there. When we got there the doors were closed and seemed like nobody was in the building. So Brent called a person and went we all went in to the center. The welfare center was much better than I expected. It was better than our school. A lady that worked at the center showed us around the building.

There were a lot of rooms and the lady showed us every one of them, well, the rooms that were opened. The center had many programs for children, elderly, women, and anybody. On the first floor there was a office, a cafe and a big restaurant. Nearly every day volunteers come here and help at the restaurant. On the wall there were some posters about the center. After we had a look around on the first floor, we went up to the other floors. (I’m not too sure what floor the rooms were)At the end of the passage there was a consultation room. The consultation room was for children that had trouble at home, for women, and other people who need a talk with the counselor. There was a baking class, taekwondo class, and also other classes for kids. I wanted to see the baking classroom but the doors were locked so we couldn’t go in. I think on the third floor, there was a room full of instruments. On the ceiling there were little paper flowers hanging that little children made. There was also a room for ill people. It was like a hospital in a small room.

The Wolgye welfare center is focusing on helping people improve the quality of life by protecting and strengthening the ability of a family, and by offering social education services. I think the welfare center visit was a great experience. And it was quite fun looking around. I would like to come again on another day when it is opened.


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