It was right after that I went to 가평 for class tour. I went to 가평 with my friends and I was so tired because I played games with them in the midnight too. So I hesitate between going EWC and not. However I decided to go to the class. When I went out from my house, there was snowing. It snowed so much that my clothes and my hair would be wet if I don’t have an umbrella. So I entered again, and brought my umbrella. I could meet other class members near the station. While we waited for subway, I could see it snow on railroad track, it was so beautiful. We took pictures with Jina’s camera, then we were in 회기 station in no time so we could get out of the subway which was full of people. IT was my first time to visit 회기, so I was expecting for that day’s adventure.

When we were the outside of the station, it still snow so much. I was weary for walking outside because I thought that we were going to look around inside of the station, we walked and waked though we didn’t know where we were. However there were many things to see like shops and tall buildings. Especially, we could see many food shops. All the food shops caught my eyes, because I was so hungry. We chosen our way by random when we arrived at the fork of the road. It was a real adventure than ever. WE could see many cafes too, so that when we walk about 20 foots from a café, and look around, there was another café again. I think I saw all the cafes that I would see in my life.

We walked with no plan and we entered to Side Street. Some villas looked low and old like the buildings that we saw on wolgye tour, but most of them were new. After we were in the side street, various foreigners were passing us. I knew the reason when I was out of the street. It’s because of Hankook University of Foreign Studies. There is a similar case in our village too. New villa or villas which have been remodeled were used for the near university to dormitory of their exchange students. So ‘I saw many Nigerian around my house the difference is the scale.

The reason why there were many cafes here was because of the university. There are many cafes for the university students in my village too, but at the scale of the cafes, these university cafes were way bigger than what I saw absolutely. When my nose felt cold, we went to inside one of that many cafes. It was located among the tall buildings and it was big too. We sat down around the table on the 2nd floor and talked about this adventure. Not only me but also others were tired and weary. Brent bought sweet hot cho1356767349155colate for us. It was great. It melted my cold feeling.

This adventure was a real adventure. We didn’t know where we go; we just followed as our steps reached. It was not bad, but I felt cold and tired during the adventure. Maybe I am familiar to the travel or adventure with plan. Also I was surprised that I could compare what I saw before. I didn’t know but after I wrote it in the paper that I saw, I could compare the village of 회기 and wolgye so I think I have to experience first not only in theory. I can think of it naturally if I have experienced it before.


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