Last Saturday, our club members went to HoeGidong with the teacher for the observation. I wasn’t expecting much from the HoeGi observation in the first place, but the weather made it worse. It was raining and snowing at the same time and was very cold. It was not a very good day to go walking around the city.

We walked to the station and went to HoeGi by subway. There were full of people because it was Saturday. There was no seat so we had to stand all the way. When we got out of the station, the weather was getting worse. I looked around. There were lots of cars, buildings and people. HoeGidong didn’t look any unique from other neighborhoods. It was like any neighborhood.

We walked around to start the observation. We didn’t know where we were going. We just walked in the rain, but we did find some things that made HoeGi different from our neighborhood. There were quite a lot of foreigners because of the universities near. And there were lots of cafes. I think it’s also because of the universities.

Because of the rain, we went to a cafe nearby. Brent bought all of us a cup of hot chocolates. It was delicious. I think the hot chocolate was the best part of the observation. We had a short talk about that day and home.

It wasn’t a very successful adventure, but the hot chocolate was great! I think I might come again on a better day.


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