Emily’s Hand XD

Winter holidays have finally started and I was very bored. Brent had told us that we are going out this week, so I waited for his notice in Facebook. On Friday I read his notice updated on Thursday and knew that we are going to Hoegi station. What can we do in Hoegi? He said we would go to the museum this week, but does Hoegi have any exhibition or something? With curiosity and a bit of worry, I went to the library by bus. It was a snowy day and I couldn’t ride my bike. I arrived at the library and we started off for Hoegi station. I brought my camera with me because Brent let us know that we are going to Hoegi station. Although there would be nothing special to take pictures, I thought I may take pictures of our EWC members, but is was a misjudgement. It was so hard to take pictures because it was snowing and my camera could go wrong with the water.

We used the subway for about 10 minutes and when we went out from the station, it was still snowing. Actually, it was almost sleeting and we had to put on our umbrellas. There were quite a lot of people walking around with their umbrellas although it was sleeting. I thought that’s because Hoegi station has many university campuses around like Kyung Hee University, University of Seoul and Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. It snowed a lot and there was nothing special to take a picture. Every time when we asked Brent that where are we going, he said he doesn’t know either. When I asked him ‘where’s our final destination?’, he said that a true adventure doesn’t have a final destination. He always leaves glossy sayings in strange situations. No one knew where we were going, and we just walked the snowing street without a word- except when Brent asks us where to go when we comes to a fork of the path. I followed our company with no any thoughts in my head and unconsciously watched the shops along the way passing by my sight.

Many kinds of shops were all around Hoegi. As there are lots of customers thanks to the big campuses and research companies, more and various shops would had placed there. There were convenience stores to buy foods and other stuffs and stationary store to buy school supplies. There were many shops and buildings like restaurants, clothing stores, phone shops(?), cafes, hospitals and even public bath houses. Also there were some shops or leaflets saying they have lessons for calligraphy and guitars, piano and some Korean traditional instruments like haegum and gayageum. Many of them had funny signs and some stores shaped funny, too. Among those various stores, which caught my eyes the most were eateries.

The types of the eateries were very various. Snack bars, pubs, restaurants, Chinese restaurants and many others. Between those various shops, I could find snack bars the most along the way. There were small cart bars, many tteobokki shops like Jaws Tteobokki or Guk-Dae Tteobokki, and there were also snack bars which sells fish cake (eo-muk), sun-dae, fried foods and gop-chang more than tteobokki with alcoholic drinks like soju. Since those shops have lots of rival shops around them, their appearances were more unique and their signs were more creative than other kinds of shops. The signs were very bright and clear to see, so that the people could find them and come. Some shops had the grills and iron plates facing the path. They makes lots of steams with thick fascinating smells of the foods, catching people’s eyes and making them want to have those foods desperately. I was walking with Jean when we were passing by a Skewered Chicken (Chicken-KoChi) shop called Apgujeong Chicken-KoChi, and saw the shop with lots of steam. When we saw the beautiful figure of the Chicken-KoChi and Eo-Muk, suddenly I really wanted to eat Chicken-KoChi and Jean said she really wants to eat Eo-Muk. In a snowy, wet day like that day, people want to have worm foods and I’m sure that the shop which fascinated me and Jean was very busy that day.

We walked and walked, and Brent suddenly stopped at a coffee shop and told us to have a rest there. It was a coffee shop called Coffee Bean which is famous as the most famous coffee shop.. but Brent bought us each a cup of hot chocolate!!! I guess that he was financially feeling quite laid-back with the material fee which we gave him that day. Anyway, we enjoyed our hot chocolate in a cozy and worm cafe feeling our face and hands melting in the worm air. After that we walked few minutes to Hankuk Univ. of Foreign Studies Station and I went home by subway saying good bye to everyone at Seokgye Station. When I went out to the streets after a short ride in the subway, snowflakes got bigger and they were falling slowly, softly on people’s heads, shoulders, shoes, and on the roads. It was cold, but I felt very good. I thought Hoegi adventure which we had that day is the worst one among every adventures we had past few months, and we’ve already gathered our opinions that this is the worst one in the cafe while having hot chocolates. However, I didn’t felt bad that day because those fluffy snow flakes falling from the dark sky looked like a special ceremony for me to make me happy and magic away my tiredness. It was a not that bad day.


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