Last Saturday, our class went to a Nowon Eco Center. When I went into the class, I didn’t know that we will have a observation time. I didn’t brought my T-money so I use my money to buy a ticket for Nokcheon. We started walking to Wolgye Station and took a subway, and stop at the Nokcheon Station. We made a group. First I was with Jina, but Brent changed to Boy’s group and I became group with Hosan. I saw incineration station that burn lots of trash. We walk across the river and reached at Nowon Eco center. I first saw soccer stadium that some people were playing game. It was beautiful there that leaves falling and trees were all colorful. The eco center seems small and in front of the center, there was little playground that we make energy to move. I rode a bike and I can heard music, but it was so hard that gear was broken. Everybody in our class use the bicycle to move and make electric to use energy. We went into the center. There were really warm. Maybe it is power of making energy. We look around the library in the center. There was lots of book for introducing saving environment and making energy, and using energy that we made it. I already know about making eco energy, but I learned something new. There was cafeteria at second floor and we get there and talk about what we’ve seen there. I look making heat energy from sun. I only heard about that, but when I saw it, it was amazing! When it was time to go, Hosan said that he need to go somewhere so he leave first and we took some picture to help our essay and walk back to the Nokcheon Station. When we went to Nokcheon station there was few people, but when it was late, lots of people was at the subway. We arrived at Wolgye Station and Emily took the subway going to Seokgye station. Jean’s house was near the Wolgye station so she go to her house and me, Brent, Jina and another students went back to Wolgye library. I talk that I need to go first and I came back home. It was a great observation travel and I’d learn lots of things for energy and making and using energy.


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