A few weeks ago, our EWC class went to the Nowon Eco Center. I first didn’t expect much. It sounded very boring, but when we got there we had a lot of fun. We took the subway to Nokcheon station and walked about 20 minutes. We saw the things we saw when we had the Nokcheon adventure. It wasn’t very far from the library, but I never knew it was there.

There were not many people. There were only a few kids playing. In the entrance, there were fake horses. It looked so real. I tried to get on it but it was too big and tall. Near the horses, there were bicycles. There were not just normal bicycles. Some of them were made for making energy and some of them were hanging from a pole. It didn’t touch the ground. It was like a flying bike.

After we had a lot of fun on the bikes we went into the center. The center wasn’t that big as I expected but I think it was clean and well organized. On the left, there was a little room so kids play in. On the right there was a place for people to rest and a display table. On the display tables, there were things made out of recycled things. There were also wooden models that made sounds of nature. I liked the cricket and the owl model most. Emily and I found a stamp hanging from the ceiling so we stamped on our hands.

We went up the stairs to the second floor. On the walls there were beautiful pictures hanging in a row. On the second floor, there was a small cafeteria and a classroom. The cafeteria worked in a special way. There wasn’t a person on the counter. Instead there was a coffee/hot chocolate vending machine. It didn’t use paper cups. We had to use mug cups and wash them after using it. I think it was a good idea to save trees. The hot chocolate was very cheap but delicious. We had a warm drink and went up to the roof top.

The solar panels covered the whole roof top. This building seemed to use solar energy. There wasn’t anything more interesting on the roof top so we came down.

The Eco center was much more exciting than I expected. I really had a lot of fun and learned a lot of things.


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