Library observation
When I heard about this week’s event, I was really surprised about that we have to interview the people at this library. While interviewing I was very shy and nervous, but most of the people are kind so I think it was easier to interview them. I interviewed two girls and one facility management officer and the librarian with the different points of view.
First I interviewed a little girl who came to the library to read book and take class. She was only ten years old but she came to the library to take class about Korean books. She looks like she like to read books and she said the benefit of coming to the library is there are many kinds of books and it is better to read at the library because the atmosphere at the library is more released and it is calmer.
Also there were many people who came there to study to prepare for their tests, so I interviewed one of them. She was a 14 years of girl who was preparing for her final exam. She said studying at the library is better than studying at home because there are more sources to find out the answer for the questions and she can study in a quieter place.
Then I inter viewed a person who is managing the facilities at the library. He says that it is good to work here because he can read some books while he is working, and he said this library have better programs and the classes. But he says it is little bit tired of working at the library because there are too many people who came to the library.
Lastly I interviewed the librarian who works at the kids’ library. And she said there are many things to do to become a librarian. She said she have to choose the book to place at the library, and put the sticker at the books, and she even have to arrange the book and help the people who came to the library. So she said a librarian must use computer very well. So when I ask if she recommends her job, she answered that this job is really tiring job and it is better for the person who can talk and help the people easily because this job is one of the service job. She can feel good when she help someone at the library or, do volunteer to teach or do programs at the library.
Even though they are at the same place, but they are all doing and thinking different things. While interviewing, it was fun to hear from their different points of view. So while interviewing it was not boring and I think it was a great event.


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