This week we went to the Eco center which is placed near Nokchoen station. Even though it was very cold, we walked about 10~15 minutes. When we arrive there, I thought there was nothing special and it looks like very strange place where no one is going to live. But when we go in front of the building, there were many things to play. Even though it is hard to make it work, we can charge our cellular phone battery by riding a bicycle and we can also hear songs by riding a bicycle. There was also a bicycle that has a rail on the top, and there was funny bicycle that 4 people can ride. It goes round and it also goes up and down. So I can feel like I am playing at the playground like I did when I was little. We’re so cold, so we get in to the building. When we get inside, there were more things to experience. So I’m going to introduce just some of the activities. First, you can make a sound by rain stick, and some wooden thing that makes sound when we scratch them. Also the most activity I like was the café with no person. It cost only 500 won and we can choose coffee, chocolate milk, hot Choco, etc. So I drink them. And this was really fun event because we don’t use paper cup at hear and we used mug cup!!! But I said this café is no person café. So even though it’s very cheap like 500 won, you must wash your dishes after you drink your drinks. The last thing I like was collecting the stamp. You must guess the place by the hint on the paper, and you can collect all. But I didn’t get all so I was little bit sad. But, any way it was the new experience and I think this project was the most interesting project of other observation projects.


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