Our EWC team planned to have adventure few weeks ago, and this is the second paper of the adventures. Our second adventure is named “Nokcheon Adventure” so we came out of the library and go to the Nokcheon station by walking through the Cho AnMountain.

When we came out of the street, it was full of the car noises, but when we walk little bit more, we can see the little princess wall painting, it was really pretty. Little princess painting was really colorful. It was good to see them. Then we pass the marts, apartments, and the we get to the entrance of the mountain. The mountain was full of the red and orange maple leaves. While walking, we saw the house that looks really old and you know what? It was the Jean’s friend’s grandmother’s house. She said she slept at that house, it was really large and if I could, I would like to see the inside of that house. When we get to the place in the mountain where we can do exercise, there were a lot of people who is playing, soccer, badminton, etc. Then we walk down to the way that I’ve never been. I usually go down by the way that I came, but we went to the opposite way and there was a stairs, we take a photo and go down. And I ‘ve saw the people who is making the tent under mountain, near them there was a bridge that looks old, but it looks beautiful with the maple trees so I’ve took a picture. When I walk more, then we can see the village again even though there were not that many houses. And we can see the many houses who grow flowers very well so we could see the various kinds of colorful flowers. So them we sing a song and walk down more and more, but there were only old mans who are drinking alcohols, smoking, and eating something. One man talked to us that he can speak English, but I felt little bit scary because he was drunk and he was smoking. So we just smiled and walk more fastly, then we go under the tunnel and when we walk more, we could see the Nokcheon station!!! I was really glad to reach the Nokcheon station. So we took a picture in front of the Nokcheon station all together. And we ride the subway while the way to home.I think this project was really funny because we went somewhere and experience. Even though it was little bit cold and calm it looks like the really adventure and I think it was very funny to experience.


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