Todays, we are living in 21st century in Korea. And sometimes I wonder about 20th century, 1970~ing. And that period is usually the time of our parents. While we are playing with cellular phone, computer, Nintendo, etc. they played with scab, top, marble, etc. Also when we are using smart phones to communicate with people who are living far away from us, they used beeper or letter to communicate. So I would like to observe my parent’s period that is unusual to us.

First, I’ll talk about the beeper, which was a source of communication for just a few years ago. I heard about beeper very many time and this is the machine that need two things. We need own beeper and payphone. If you send signal to the other peeper, then the person who get the signal will call to the person who send signal by beeper. This boomed at the 1990, but it was uncomfortable sometimes because you must always run to find out the phone booth, and if there are too many people you have to wait. So I heard that there were even 10 booths at the place where many people visit. Also, nowadays we do school lunch but my parents’ period need lunch box to bring. So they usually put the rice and side dish like Kim chi, sausage in the box and they usually shake it. When it’s winter, they even put it on the warmer, so that they can enjoy their meal with very warm rice. But it might burn so somebody always needs to disarrange the lunch box again.

Few years ago, women make up very thick, for example they make their face really pale that may people look very sick and then make their lips red or black with lipsticks. But nowadays, the generation changed and many people are doing the make-up that is not that really stand out.

Even the toilet was different from now. We are using the toilet that we can make it go down with water by only pushing the button. But before, they put it in the really deep place and someday they trash it by the car that carries the dung. And there are many episodes because of this toilet. Many kids get in to the toilet while they are taking a dump, or they feel very scared about going to the toilet at the night because usually the toilet is outside from the house and usually the toilet is placed far away from the house so they feel very scared of going to the toilet.

Even though we are living with our parents at the same period, same time and same place, we feel different and we have different background and experience from childhood. The only few years made a big difference. When I hear about something that I can’t experience from now, I feel I want to experience the thing that was used before and I wonder the change of the future make.


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