*Please know that this is just a Conspiracy Theory written by a strange student who went CRAZY after her final exam*

Today I am going to talk about a serious topic. Nowadays our country is very strange. Only studying, social status and money are emphasized. Only 1st class, 1st places are recognized and respected. Don’t you think this is wrong? The Republic of Korea is a dirty world which only remembers the best! Especially in schools, grades are very important and the topic ‘Grade’ is very sensitive to the students. Everyone wants to get a good grade and has to study a lot because of that. Studying is good, but academies and studies are big problems for the students. They can’t get enough time for their own, to play, to read books, or have enough relax after hard exercise of their brains. Mothers make their children go to the academies and study all the time, but going to the academies cost a LOT of money and students get more and more stress with those studies. Reading books are also a big problem, too. Books help our thinking skills grow, but because students don’t have enough time to play, times to read books are also very small, and they become quiet and passive. Lately I had a random interview in Wolgye Library and I got a shocking result about the seriousness of studying, reading books and relationships between people nowadays.

First I interviewed a 8 year old little girl. When I went into the Children’s section I found a little girl with a purple jacket, reading a book alone. She was reading a comic book and she said she likes comic books. She said she came to the library alone, all by her self. I thought she likes coming to the library and come here often, so asked her does she comes to the library often. However, shockingly, she said she has came here after a long time. Why? Thanks to the academies, she can’t come to the library that much although she loves coming to the library and read books. She also said that she can’t borrow books because she can’t come here that often and she doesn’t have enough time to read those books at her home. Academies?! She’s just 8 years old!

Next I went to the office. I came up to a man there and he looked very shy. He works in the library and does administration works. He likes books (maybe a matter of course as long as he works in the library!) and said he usually reads novels. Then  I asked him what is the advantage working in the library, and he said with very shy voice, that he feels satisfied and good that he could give happiness to the users of the library. While the whole interview I could see he is sosososo shy and hesistates with his every word. He felt so uncomfortable and hard to me and the whole interviews, although they were just simple questions. I see that this kind of situations are happened because of his work in the library and books. His character, loving books, made him passive and too quiet. He can talk a lot, but he is too shy to start a conversation to somebody he doesn’t know. Also because people doesn’t say any words to him- for example saying thanks for making the library better, or any other words – he became so shy. He only feels the satisfaction from managing the library and watching the people enjoying the books.

After that, I found two girls looking that they finished their studies and packing their bags. Their father was there with them, so I got the permission for having the interview to them and then started to speak to the elder girl. I asked her all kind of questions like why did you came here, do you come often, do you like books but she continuously avoided my questions and my eyes. Maybe she was too embarrassed, but she really didn’t said a word. Unwillingly I changed the target to her little sister about 9 or 10 years old. She also looked she doesn’t want to answer my questions and continued to avoid my questions. However when I asked her how does she think about the class in the library, she said she doesn’t likes it. I asked her why, and she said she doesn’t want to come to the library for class, but her mom makes her come, against her will. So does she like to play out with her friends instead of coming to the library? Surprisingly she said she doesn’t like playing with her friends outside either and she likes to play with her smartphone. Her mother makes her daughter go to the library for study although she doesn’t wants to go, and the daughter prefers her smartphone games than playing outside with her friends. Excessive educational fever is a serious problem, but the thing that the kids these days are too much exposed to modern electronic equipment and prefering their phones than friends is a pitiful thing.

Finally Jean and I went up the stairs to the studying room where people study or read books. Our plan was to interview anyone in the resting room right next to it, but the people there all looked fussy so we couldn’t take a word in to them. Many young students come to the library telling their mothers they are going to the library to study, but play with their friends. Many of them are the ones who are commonly called ‘punks’. They all draws black lines on their eyes and colors white on their face to look better although they doesn’t need to. They come to the library and makes loud noises and disturbs other people studying. Anyway, we couldn’t interview them and waited for some good-looking people to interview and we found a 14 years old boy. He came to the library to study for his exam and he said he comes here on holidays, alone. I could see that he studies very hard that he comes to the library alone and studies on holidays! Studying is good and I felt he is great, but I also thought that it is so sad that we have to study that hard from only 14! They just graduated elementary but they have to study so hard to get good grades. They can’t play because of the academies and exams, and also the mothers doesn’t let them play and make them study. If they study so much since they are young, how about the good experiences and the memories about their childhood? If they think of what they did when they are young after they became adult they could only remember the memories of their studies- academy, exam, grades…

Like this, people in Korea nowadays are living in a desolate society. Warm human affections are gone and only studying, career and grades are emphasized. Young children can’t play with their friends or do what they want because of the academies and adults become more passive and private. Kids don’t have time of their own and become unsociable and prefer smartphones than playing outside, and students are so busy with studies, academies and grades. I see this is a serious problem. We need to play! Studying is not everything in our life. Although we need good grades to go a good college and get a good job, we need to have lots of good memories and experiences in our childhood. It’s not too late to do our best on our grades from when middle school. If we just study moderately and easily when we are young and go to many other places and have great exciting experiences, I guarantee that our life will change! Let’s try to be more relaxed and easygoing, and let’s look around us and take more interest to our friends or neighbors.


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