For my parents observation project, I interviewed my dad about his Military life. He told me he was a medic in the military. He also told me other interesting experiences he had in his military life.

A medic is a member of a military who helps people who are hurt. To be a medic, you have to apply volunteer in advance. Then you have to go to the nurse academy and do practical training for about 2 months. After the training, you must pass the the test and finally you can be a medic. From then on until the end of military life, you have to work in the medical corps and take care of the soldiers by giving medicines and putting injections.

He said that he was glad that he volunteered to be a medic because he didn’t have to do hard training other soldiers do. I thought it will be quite boring. So I asked, “Wasn’t it boring  just staying in the medical corps and healing people? I think its no fun.” His answer was, “A medic not only take care and heal people but also gets to learn how to use a gun and throw a grenade. There is time when I felt very bored and felt like not doing it but still bearable.”

One of the things he said was very important was about what people you meet. If you meet a kind person who is kind, you are safe and can have a quite comfortable life. But if you meet a bad person who keeps hitting you and ask you to do thing instead of him, lots of people say that there is no other hell. Luckily my dad met a kind person and spent a healthy military life.

I don’t want to be a medic. Now, I want to go in the special forces or the navy. But who knows? I might change my mind when I am ready to go to the military and fight for our country.


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