Because I don’t live in wolgye-dong, honestly I didn’t’t knew that there was Nokcheon station. And I thought we were walking to the station like when we were walking along the wolgye station. But I was wrong, and we were going to the Nokcheon station like we were going on an adventure.

We went up to the Induck University and we still went up after we passed the university. There were many apartments near the university. I think it’s because there is a university. But as soon as we passed the university, I could find mountains. The mountains were dyed as colors of autumn. And it was very pretty. And also there were drawings on the wall, and I liked them. They were very cute drawings, and it matched with flowers which were growing under them.

Then we went up to the mountain. And I was really tired when I was half up, and when we reached the soccer field, I felt like I was half dead. There was a road shaped like a tunnel. And I felt like I was crossing a bridge. But the road was really short, so we had to go back. There were many people who were exercising.

While going under the mountain, there were houses that looked like they were built 100 years ago. And they were very weak, (I thought). And the dogs were really smelly. But I couldn’t’t understand why people were living there. And there were briquettes too. I didn’t’t know there were houses that still used briquettes. But when we passed the old houses, there were a road, and when we walked along the road, we founded Nokcheon station.

We finally reached the Nokcheon station. There weren’t’t many people in there. And it felt really cozy. We chose a subway to go back to the library. I thought it would take 30 minutes to go back because we walked about an hour. But surprisingly, it took 10 minutes to go back. But I couldn’t see any scenery while going back. So then I realized why we walked all the way to the station. It was a really fun adventure, and I liked the part about seeing many things like the old houses. And I liked seeing things that I can’t see often, like briquettes


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