The library was full with people who were studying that day. Probably it was because of the trial period for the 1st and 2nd graders. There were people reading and using the internet too. Today, our EWC(English Writing Club) teacher, Brent, told us to do a survey. I was really upset when he said that. He said that we have to interview any  four people inside the library and ask them questions about the library. We had to make up the questions and ask the questions to the people individually.

I ask these following questions

-Why did you come to the library?

-How often do you come(to the library) a week?

-How to you think of a library?

The answers I got from the people I interviewed were very different with each other. It was quite interesting because I thought almost everyone came for the same thing, reading and borrowing books. When I tried to interview the first person, I was very shy. I don’t talk much to others so I’m not good at talking. Even with my home language I feel awkward when I speak to a person I’ve never met or spoken to before. I can’t explain how I felt then properly but it was similar to a feeling when you are lost in a foreign country, using completely different language and you want to ask to ask someone, anyone, to use their phone. That happened to me before and it wasn’t a happy experience. Anyway, I somehow interviewed four people. For the question, ‘Why did you come to the library?’ I got, ‘to study’ ,‘because mom said I must’ ,‘to work’ ,‘because when I am at home, there are lots of    stuff that distracts me but in the library I can study peaceful without all that ’ for the answer.For the question, ‘How often do you come(to the library) a week?’ I got, ‘3times’, ‘when I feel like to’, ‘almost everyday,’, ‘3times’ for the answer. Finally, for the last question, ‘How to you think of a library’, I got, ‘a library very quiet so it is good to study’, ‘a library is a place where it increases your concentration ability’, ‘….I like it…‘and ‘it is a perfect place for everyone study.’

The answers I got were mostly short. But still I felt alive(?) like I came out of a small stuffy room. Maybe it was because I enjoyed it or the project was finished. Honestly, I don’t think I enjoyed it myself very much.


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