I really like going to places where we can feel cozy and safe. And where we can be happy. And Nowon eco center was the place I really liked. I didn’t know there was a center next to the soccer field. I’m living close to there for nearly 9 years but I didn’t noticed it till now.


At first I thought why we were going to the ‘ECO’ center, while we were studying English. But I realized why were we when we arrived there. There were three horses made of copper alloy. And some of it was small so we could sit on it. It felt like riding on a real horse.


When we walked more, there was a small park with bicycles. They were bicycles which we can ride and charge it at the same time. I had a low battery, so I tried to charge the phone, but it didn’t work though I rode the bicycle really hard. There were many fun bicycles to ride, and it was cool, but the problem I had is that the bicycles were really small though I was a child (?) who can play in there.


Finally, we went into the eco center. And it felt really cozy inside. There were many toys which didn’t sell in markets. Woods shaped like animals…and things related to nature. Upstairs, there was a café with no people. At first, I thought the café was closed, but later I realized that it was a self café. We could eat coffee or hot chocolate with 500won. And we had to use a mug cup, and we had to wash it after eating. But I liked that part the most. And it was really delicious.


I really liked the eco center adventure, because I had seen many interesting things. A self café, bicycle park….and I was glad to find the eco center. I thought bringing friends to talk and walk around here will be so nice. I do want to go there again, and next time, with friends.


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