We can see two types of the villages now. One is apartment, and one is detached house. They are both good places, but when we think about them, we have both different images. In this paper I will write about features of the two villages.

When you visit the village of detached house, we saw little bit unarranged street and red blocks, broken windows, etc. And it is very quiet than the other places. Don’t you guys think that there are fewer cars because of the small road? But I like these kinds of houses because it has little place to put flowers, etc. And I also feel less heavy atmosphere than the apartment village. And I think there will be less fight because they don’t have the floor and they won’t have noise that the under and top floor make. Some people fight because of the running, fighting noise. But detached house have less percent to have it. So this is the part why some of the people live at here.

But on the other side, people who like the clean and arranged places, they usually choose to live at the apartment. Because it is more arranged than the detached houses because guards clean and make the apartment prettier than before so that many people feel like they want to live here more. And also when the person is growing their children, they can feel like they are safer. Because more people live at the apartment and there are superintendent’s office at the many places so that they can check if there are problems in the apartment. However when you saw the apartment I feel that it has really heavy atmosphere.

But I prefer apartment more. I like the design of the detached house, but I think it is easier to live at the apartment. Because we don’t have to clean the place in front of our house by myself and the most part I like is the street is not that scarier than the detached village’s street. Sometimes some people are smoking at the detached village’s street. Even though there are also at the apartment but the detached house’s street because it is more quiet and dark.

Both of them are really good places to live but if I have choice, I would like to live at the apartment even if it’s hard to decide.


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