This, time we planned to go to the “북서울 꿈의 숲”. We go there and made two team. One team is going to go center and one team is going to go the mountain. I was mountain team. When we walk up the mountains, there were a lot of brown, red leaves that is falling down from the trees. There weren’t many people at the mountain, and most of them are exercising at the mountain of walking around the mountain. It was really quiet and we can hear the sound of leaves when we walk. Also looking the center at the mountain was really good. It looks really large and we can see the center easily because we are at the mountain. Then we came down and meet the center team. We planned together to go to the observatory. Even though there was elevator teacher said we are going to walk up the stairs. When we walk up the observatory, we can see the site of that was taken the drama named “Iris”. So at the observatory there were lots of pictures of Iris. Then we came down and make the team again. But I was the mountain team again. So we go to another side of the mountain. Another side of the mountain was quieter and there were not that many people than the mountain that I went before. And it was little bit more hard to walk. And then when we came down we take the picture with jumping. But it was hard to take a picture so we tried many times.


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