IMAG1069Father and I. Since I was young, I heard that I’m very similar to my dad. My mom said to us we are same at not only appearance, but also thinking or acting. For example both father and I can’t throw way something well, or we sleep very well even it’s very noisy around us. However my mom and sister are not. So we can say father and I are very similar. We like to talk to each other, so we used to talk about something fun or surprise in our daily life. He listens to me very carefully and says some interjection though my talking is not interest. However, we couldn’t talk very much as before, because we are busy with our life. So I decided to ask him his thinking of ‘the life’.

Everyone think a success in their lives and they also believe that it is right that life is with the success. Then what is success? It changes its meaning and the scope by the person. Someone say having money is success and the other say wealth and honor are the best. However father said they’re all wrong. He said living well only with me is wrong. He considers the process as being more important than the result with the humanitarian ideal. It means do good things for person widely. To him, success which is same as happy is live well all together. In other words, if a person lives his life happily, his life is become also successfully. In this time the joy is the most important. I think like him too. If I’m not happy even if I have a lot of money or honor, I would live a lie.

Everything starts from me. When I’m not exist in the world, the world is not exist and not important anymore. The social is made by gathering ‘I’. The basic social that is gathered with ‘I’ is a family. A smallest family is started from a married couple. If we see its scale up it is include the relatives too. A house is just a building, but a home has people inside of it. So home is important. Of course, to success, to stand in this tired world, family can be a heavy burden but without family, to live in social life normally is impossible. It means family is very helpful for our life. After I heard this, I could understand why he always says my family is so important that I have to understand my younger sisters with generous.

I understood that home is important, but there was one more thing that is left. It’s the education for the child. The learning from the outside like school or academy etc is not influence than the learning from family. So the thing that decides the person’s happy or sadness is education in home. Our family motto is simple but it has very deep meaning. Father has made this motto when my sisters and I were not elementary school student. So we were so young that can’t understand the meaning. It is “Eat well and play well and let’s become a valorous person” He said he made it because we can have a healthy mental when we have a strong body and a healthy mental is the basis of all things. He also said that we need to invest our body very much like exercise or eat good food. He has been raised us with this motto. So maybe it can be one of the reasons for my healthy mental and body. In real, I usually try to think positive and also I’m so healthy.


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