YuHyun on a Bicycle XD

Around us, there are many things which we easily passes by, not recognized. I could be a trash can, a store, or a building. Among those things, there could be an unique thing we always passes by, not knowing what it is. Along the way to ChangDong, there’s a small building beside the football court. Also behind it is a incineration plant with lots of woods and I always thought it s just a wide fields with lots of woods for football or tennis in front of the incineration plant. However there were not just field and woods. There was a small building called Nowon Eco Center.

We used the subway to Nokchun station for few minutes and walked a few hundred meters to the Eco center, We passed the football field which I always saw, and a tennis court. Over that, a strange playground and a small shining building appeared on my sight. When I went in the strange looking playground surrounded with iron fences, there were three kinds of strange looking machines. The first thing was an independent electric power plant which works with a chain moved by the bikes. with that power, each 3 machines makes lights, music, and electricity which and charge batteries of phones or MP3 if we connect them on the USB connector in front of the bike. Another one was a bike hanged on an oval shaped structure. When we moves the pedals of the bike, the small wheels attached to the structure moves and the bike starts moving along the rail- not touching the ground. Not only that, there’s another strange looking machine in the center of the oval shaped structure. It has four bikes on every direction and when people moves each pedals of the bike, the whole machine turns round and moves up and down. Every structures in the playground are very fun and unique, and young children would love them.

When we went in the building next to the playground, on the first floor there was a bike which could make the electricity to turn on the light bulbs of the Christmas tree because it’s Christmas season right now. Inside, there was a small playroom for children and a desk and chairs for the ones who wants to sit and talk. Beside them was a large book shelf with many books and shelves with strange plants’ specimens and pictures. Also there were small instruments which can make the sounds of the forest like an owl, a toad, a woodpecker and a grasshopper. They were very cute and when we played those instruments, it feet like we’re really in a forest, listening the sound of nature.

On the 2nd floor there’s a small classroom and a small table where we can buy many kinds of tea or coffee on the coffee vendor. Each drinks costs 500 won and they are very tasty. For the purpose to protect the nature, they don’t use paper cups- they use mugs. Also after we drank all the drink, we had to clean our cups by our self and put them in the sterilizer. When we went out to the terrace and go up the stairs to the house top, there were solar generators for solar energy. It was my first time I saw those solar generators that close. I suppose those generators makes the part of the energy which are used in the building.

I felt the atmosphere and the most interiors of the Eco center were telling ‘Protect the nature’ and ‘Save Energy’. although the Nowon Eco Center doesn’t have something special about ‘energy’, I thought it would be good to realize the problems of nature and saving energy, once again. Nowadays the seriousness about the destruction of nature and lack of energy are rising, but some people doesn’t aware those facts. To those who doesn’t recognize the seriousness of nature and energy, I think Nowon Eco Center would be a good chance to remind the fact that we have to save energy and protect the nature.


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