I always wanted to go to the seoul dream forest, and I was glad that we were going. I was wondering how will we go there, and the teacher sent us by taxi, which I had to go with Calvin who I hate. And we went there in 10 minutes or so. I wanted to look out while going, but the poster on the window blocked the scene. When we arrived, there was a big tree on the front and big letters shaped as seoul dream forest. And we were parted by the mountain team and middle team. And I was in the mountain team. But by doing kawi bawi bo with Emily, I was changed to the middle team.

While going to the middle, there was a green car. At first I thought that someone had left it. But when we got closer, I realized that it was a car which moved by sun energy. I wanted to drive, but I was under 20 so neither of us could drive it. When we were going up again, there were many trees which were dyed as colors of autumn. I tried to get pictures of it, but there were too many people coming down so I couldn’t. there was a Korean style house(한옥). It was a small sized house. But we couldn’t go into the rooms. So we just walked around the house. And there were many bamboos along the house.

There was a pond next to the house. The water was not very clear, but I was big. There were also some trash in the pond. We walked along the pond to see the pond more clearly. And we found that there was a building made of woodin front of the pond. When we got up there, we could see everything we had seen. And we went down again, and we walked along the bridge along the pond again. But the water in there was very dirty, and it was really different as seeing the pond in the front and the back.

When we finished walking, we had to find the playground, so we went up the mountain. The mountain was full of fallen leaves. When we arrived at the playground, we met the mountain team.The playground was really cool, and there were even things I had never seen in any playgrounds. Next to the playground, there was another playground, and this one was only made of scattered leaves. We went up to the building, and Zion said she saw the doppelganger of me. And I was a little bit scared of it. There were many stairs to go to the top. But finally we arrived at the top, and it was really awesome. We could see everything from up there. I really liked it. But on the way down, I was really tired and also I wanted to ride the elevator so I took the elevator. It was really slow, but I liked it.

Finally before we were finishing the class, we took a picture in front of the big letters. And then we finished the class. I liked the dream forest adventure even if it was hard to walk that much. I wish I can go there with my friends next time


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