Sam-Gyup-Sal!!! Korean style bacon!!

What do you think the most basic, but the most important part in our lives is? Studying? Fun? Money? I think it’s food, clothing, and shelter. Most of all, I think food is the most important thing in our lives. Food is essential for our survival and we need to eat food every day at least once a day -not only for our survival, for our health. Then where do we have our meals? We can eat meals in restaurants, school, work but where we have our meals the most will be our home. Who makes the food? Our mother makes almost all of the food for us. However when we think of mothers cooking, we tend to take it for granted. Why do we take our mom’s hard work for granted? Mothers do a lot of hard work in our home for no reward, including cooking the food and due to that, mothers have lots of stress, not spoken to the other family members. A Few days ago it was my parents’ marriage anniversary and I asked her about her distress while cooking. Now lets see how mothers suffer from making food for us every day.

We need to eat meals three times a day every day. Each time, mothers have to cook for us. First, mothers have to choose what food should she make for today’s meals. Mom said this is the trickiest part. Foods that she can make for us are limited, but we want to have delicious, special and new menus everyday. It is very difficult for mothers. If she doesn’t make new foods and just gives us the same food for many days continuously, all kinds of complaints would be poured on the dinner table from three mouths except mother’s. Mom wants to have her meal very simple, absentmindedly. However we don’t want tasteless foods on our table, so she has to make delicious foods for us.

Then mom has to cook. Cooking is hard. If she cooks only sometimes a week, she would do her best on cooking. However she has to make us meals three times a day or at least twice a day if we say me and my sister goes to school (although my sister already graduated from highschool) and my father is at work, and it is a very hard work. Although mom gave us lunch just a few hours ago, time flies and it becomes time for dinner while she doesn’t recognize it. She likes Bibimbab because it is very easy to make and it is good to fill our stomach, but me and my sister and my dad don’t like mother’s bibimbab because it is too watery so we always refuses to eat the Bibimbab she makes. Thanks to that, when she is lack of will to move or SO SO tired, she gives us meat for our meal- it doesn’t matter if it’s dinner, lunch or breakfast. Pork and beef are the best food for both mom and us for it tastes good (to us) and it is convenient to cook(to mom).

At last, we eat the foods mother makes. Mom said it is the most frustrating but fun part. Me and my dad almost eats everything without any complaints. However my sister is a picky eater and only eats what she wants which is tasty. She is the best, most merciless food critic in our home and for our mom at the same time. She complains about everything, not only food but objects, her clothes, talking, everything. At first mom ignores her and tries to make her say feel it’s nothing, but soon she gets frustrated with my sister’s (sometimes me and my dad, too) complaints about the food. When my sister starts complaining, my mother makes a strange funny face which looks like it’s written, ‘She started again. Oh My God. I don’t want to hear what she’s saying. Can’t she please just eat my food quietly without any complains? What a funny little girl’. My sister is never satisfied with mother’s food so if she says something it is ‘delicious’, it means it’s FANTASTIC! , but she becomes happy and satisfied when we say good words about the food she made.

Cooking is very hard and if we continue cooking three times a day for more than 10 years, however you love cooking, we would be tired of cooking meals. If is have to cook every day for only my self, I would rather eat out or just starve. However mothers always make us our food with love. My mother said she loves cooking and she enjoys it because she is cooking the food for us. She said it is very fun and joyful while thinking we would eat these. Although mothers does hard work not only cooking, housecleaning, arranging our rooms, making us to study, scolding us, she doesn’t care how hard or tired it is because she loves her family. Mother would be an annoying person to you, but she always takes care of us and loves us all the time. Sometimes you might think your mother doesn’t like you, please remember your mother is the one who loves you most in the whole world who can make you delicious meals every day!


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