Korean traditional roof tiles at Dream Forest

Korean traditional roof tiles at Dream Forest

     Every weekends, aren’t you worried what you should do? Especially in the city, there is nowhere suitable to have a peaceful rest during 2 days of timeful holiday. Usually people spend their holidays in their home or go somewhere else. Some go out to play, but some go out near rivers or parks for light exercise and go out for air. Although you want to go to a park, another problem would come up on your mind- where should I go? For that problem, I recommend you go to Dream Forest Park in Northern Seoul!

     Dream Forest Park was made just a few years ago after getting rid of an old amusement park, Dream Land. Thanks to that, Dream Forest Park is very clean and is very new. It is located on the outskirt of Seoul so not that many people visit Dream Forest Park. That means it is quiet so you can enjoy your peaceful time there. When we enter the forest, we can find a traditional korean style house. It’s name is Chang-Nyeong Wigoong Jaesa. It is well protected and it is very good for taking pictures. Many people takes pictures here and also many schools comes here for their graduation album. Right behind Chang-Nyeong Wigoong Jaesa is a bunch of bamboo trees. When the wind blows, the trees shake and make a cool clear sound by hitting their leaves and branches.

     Around the park is all forests and lots of trees are all over the whole park making the air clean and refreshing. There are many small or big walks in the extensive area of the park. You can walk in the mountains and feel the cool air easily near home, not needing to go to a mountain. When we walk around the forest on the walk, you may feel the clean air and be relaxed. Also in the center of the park there is a big lake surrounded with funny looking paths. They are zigzag shaped and are very fun. If we look around the lake while walking the path, you will get at least a furtive smile on your face. Around the lake are covered with reeds and all kinds of plants. Pretty flowers bloom and decorates the lake and the path in spring Reeds grow and show off their silvery beautiful heads and the trees all change colors and red, orange, yellow and green are all mixed up together and makes a pretty scene.

     Over the lake, wide grass field is all over. We can have a picnic on the grass or run around or fly a kite. Also on the mountain side there are some spacious benches like stairs and we can also sit there and rest feeling the cool air from the mountains. While walking in the mountain there are many leisure facilities like badminton court or tennis court, exercise equipments, benches to sit on, and playgrounds for children. The walks are rough and very winding. It feels like we are really walking in the wild forest and it feels like a kind of adventure because there’s no exact path to walk.

     On the mountain there is an observatory. The observatory was once used as the backlot of Korean drama called ‘Iris’ and it is also used as a kind of spot to see. On the path to go up to the observatory we can use stairs or elevator. If we use the elevator we have to use them twice, but if we use the stairs, you will have a great time. Using stairs can be a good exercise and you don’t need to wait for the elevator. The stairs are very very long and it costs quite a long time to go up to the top with the stairs. That means, it is good for a bet. If you later go to the Dream Forest Park with some other guys make them have a bet for buying ice-cream to the one who arrives the top earlier. At first they run very fast but not long after, you may see the boys collapsed in the middle of the stairs, exhausted. Although they use their all strength left, there will be no left strength to them and they could not even stand up. It may be quite dangerous, but the people who watche the scene can have great fun! Right after you made two or three boys to run on the stairs, please get ready for your camera and wait for them to lose their every strength and collapse and sprawl all over the stairs and take a great picture of them.

     When we finally arrive at the observatory, we can see the whole scene around the Forest. They look good and we can feel the sense of accomplishment for coming up this high. Also in the observatory, we can catch the sight of boys who did the stair-climbing bet really sprawled near the chair without any power to look around the observatory- not even strength to sit on the chair properly. Looking around the forest in the observation is very good, but the most funny, important point in this part is to get ready for your camera and get great films which will last forever and have fun with it.

     In front of the observatory there is a funny looking playground of children and next to it is a wide grass ground with a strange looking wooded structure in the center. In the structure there are lots of fallen leaves gathered together. Children can get in the wooded structure and play with the leaves. If you went there with somebody you don’t like or want to revenge, you can have a great revenge disguising as ‘lets have a happy time playing with the leaves, returning to the innocence of childhood!’. At first just scatter the leaves weakly to him or her. When he or she starts to throw leaves at you, too, smoothly step up the power of throwing the leaves, and start throwing the leaves strongest as you can! POWER THROWING!!!! Between those leaves, there are many stones and hard branches, mixed up. They hurts. If you throw them hard, it will hurt quite A LOT. Cheers for the succession of your great revenge! Clap Clap Clap.

     Holidays are happy, but if you visit Dream Forest Park on holidays, it will be FANTASTIC! You can have a peaceful, restful but pleasing time feeling the refreshing air of the trees the wind. Not only that you can enjoy the forest in other unusual unique ways using the structure of the park which we only thought they have nothing special. In the Dream Forest Park, it says somewhere in the woods we can find a well organized flower garden and also near the garden, there is a dear garden. We can see the deer and feel the peacefulness of the plants and leaves. It says we can play in the water in summer in the park and beat the heat. There’s also a small museum in front of the lake and enjoy cultural lives in the park. You can have a comfortable time near your house- not far!- and it will not get your strength for moving from your house. A peaceful rest in the city, does’t this sound good? Convenient but relaxable place will be truly a good place for relax during timeful holidays. Come and have a peaceful restful holidays in the Dream Forest Park!


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