YuHyun standing in the old hillside village

In our life, we have our own some kind of daily routine which is made because of our schedules which does not change that much. For example, I go to school with my friend using the back street between our school and the road crowded with restaurants and the back gate. When I go home, I use the front gate and go through the apartments in front of our school with Hye-rin or just use the same route which I use when I go to school. Not only that, when we go to some other places like the hospital, grocery store, library, academy, we have our own particular path which we use almost every time, although we usually don’t recognize. Last week, Brent took us to Nokchun Station using the strange path going through Cho-an mountain and an unfamiliar village. If we want to go to Nokchun Station, we can use the public transportation like the subway or bus and it will take just a couple minutes. However Brent told us we are having an adventure and we started our way to Nokchun station by foot following a strange path.

We went out from Wolgye Library and walked towards Cho-an mountain. We walked along Induk University and crossed the street to the other side of the road. There was a long big wall with lots of pretty drawings. I have used this road several times, but I never recognized that there are lots of paintings all over the walls. I’ve seen the picture of baobab tree on this wall, but I didn’t knew the other pictures are also drawn on the walls. After I came back home later I saw the wall again by road view, but it was filmed few years ago and I couldn’t find the wall paintings. It looked dark and dull, and I felt the paintings are helping the wall and the roads near them look bright and lively.

Past the long road with walls, we walked on a narrow back street. Right before we went in that path, I saw a sign, ‘Wolgye High school’. I was so curious why is that school placed in such a dark isolated spot. We walked a few minutes and there was an old traditional Korean house. The information board said this is ‘Gak shim jae’ and it’s the house of Ye-an Lee family. We went through the apartments and reached Cho-an Mountain because the apartments were connected with Cho-an Mountain. The walk in Cho-an Mountain reminded me of the Sam-Da-Su Games and made me giggle. We went up the mountain and there was a big football  field and people were playing football there. Beside the field there were benches and there was a small, dark and rough road and it excited my curiosity. The walk was the one which goes around the field which is higher than the other roads around it. It’s width was about 1 meters or more and right beside it was an inclined slope. With the slope, there were big metals used for prevention of landslides that looked like the mark of Benz without the circle around it.

We past the football field, and the wooden stairs continued our way. Everywhere were trees and leaves. We could smell the fresh air of soil and water of the mountain and I felt like the fresh air is cleaning our lungs. We walked down the road and we saw someone was making a tent on a flat ground with grass and a small stream passing by. I thought it would be wonderful to have a camp here with friends feeling the cool breeze and clean air. When we looked down of the road from the camping place there was a strange narrow path looking dark and mysterious. It also excited my curiosity and we went down the path. It was connected to an old hillside village. They were very shabby and I was so surprised to know this kind of village is right near our village. Although the village and my house is only about 15 minutes away by car, it was very different and were so relatively compared. The old village looked very weird and abandoned, but it was quite attractive and I liked it! The paths between every house were old and strange but overall, it was great! While coming all the way from Wolgye, Brent told me to take pictures to help us remember what we saw during this Nokchun Adventure but I paid no attention to it. However when I saw that place, I took my phone out of my bag and started to take pictures of the village. It was so great and I loved that place so much, and I also think everyone who visit there will think it’s wonderful with the strange sight of old and humble, but warm village.

Out of the village crowded with houses, we walked toward Nokchun station along the road. Ari’s princess castle was not far from us and right beside the road above few meters was the railroad. We arrived the Nokchun station and safely arrived home separately taking only a few minutes. While coming home by bike, I felt like I had been fooled. How could it just take about 10 minutes from Nokchun Station to Wolgye though we walked an hour and a half?? I felt like I’m being stupid but walking all the way through unfamiliar apartments and Cho-an mountain and strange hillside village was very fun and novel. Like this, finding a new way is very fun, whether it is a path or some method to do something. Doing something new could be scary or afraid, but when we do it, we may enjoy those new things with excitement of adventures. It would be a good idea to have right amount of new adventures in our daily routines to have small new dynamic experiences and to more enjoy our life.


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