Last week Saturday, the class all walk from the Wolgye library to the Nokcheon station. It was probably one of the most interesting class we had so far. The distance is about 2.22 kilometres on foot and takes about 34 minutes non-stop but because the purpose of this is a observation project, we took the longer way. 


On the way, we went across the bridge(?). Next to that bridge was a large wall and it had lots of wallpaintings on it. I think the theme of the painting is ‘The Little Prince’. The wall had many scenes in the story. It was very interesting to see those kinds of wallpaintings in Seoul. After we went across the bridge(?), we turned left and then right. We saw a building which looks like a building built in Cho seon. There was a name for that place but I forgot what it was. So far, there was noting special to the things we see in our daily lives. We then went into Cho one Mountain. The first time we went to Cho one mountain, I only saw trees and very few people hiking. But this time we came in from a different entrance and there was a large soccer field and tennis courts etc. I didn’t know that there was such a cool place inside the mountain. I don’t know what the others would say but that place made me think of South Africa. I’ve lived in SA for 7 years and there is many places like that(what I saw in Cho one Mt.) there. When we came out of that place, there was a another interesting place. It was in the same mountain but it looked like a completely different area. Compared to the other side, this side looked so old with old people living in old shacks with old things. That place even smelled very old. I saw something funny there. There was a sign which says ‘do not park here‘ in Korean. But right in front of that sign was a parked car. There were also many other unexplainable things when we went past that place. 


Finally we arrived at Nokcheon station. It was my first time there and I never new that that place was so rural although it’s in Seoul. The class finished and we all went home. I had no money so Brent gave me 1000 won. It was a very tired, but fun day.        




  1. This adventure looks really funny (except i don’t want walk to the nokcheon station) i never been to nokcheon station so i want to travel to there and see many things 😀

  2. to nokchan station is not easy. that is 2.22killometers. so, we have to search how to go to the nokchan station. I think that is funny. I also didn’t went nokchan station.

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