It was a supplementary class of EWC so that we had about 1 hour more than before. Everyone looked weary at the start. We shared our story that we wrote before. I was happy because it was after my sister complimented about my story. I thought others’ stories have own personality. All stories are different. When we have an hour and half, Brent told us that we will go out. I was so surprised because it was not in our plan. Finally Wolgye-dong tour started.

We got out from the library and walked to the left. There were small market, the eating houses that sale chicken, Chinese dishes and beef’s intestine on our left side and there were many cars on the big street on the right side. We went to a small alley between glasses store and woori-bank. Classmates surprised about this village, and that was where I’m living. We went through the alley, we saw many wall surrounded the houses. One of the walls, there was a high wall. It was black and there were many roses on the wall but it looked so sharp that I didn’t want to go close to it. We saw a house whose gate was opened, so we could see the inside of the gate too. The surrounding was so noisy because of many cars, but the inside has mood of very peaceful. I thought it’s because of the old stone tile on the floor and a big tree in narrow yard.

When we left a small prayer house in the alley, we found the place that was in the video that was very popular in parody project before. In this alley, they took the parody commercial of ‘Galaxy Note’. Brent said that he likes the village which the villas and houses are gathering than the village which has many apartments. He explained about the village better than me. Actually, this place has many cars because it doesn’t have enough places to park and the buildings look all similar so many people confuse of this place. I lost my house and open other house’s door on the next day that I moved to this village at first. We arrived at the place that I like. The walls near that place colored with spray and there is a small store. That place is very silence. It looks like the scene in the movie, so I enjoy taking a bicycle at here.

After we crossed to a street at a crosswalk, we could see many high buildings.

Even it was not far from each village, the atmosphere of two place were very different.


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